Our Story

In 2018, James and I grew quite dissatisfied with the skincare products available. Many of the products we were buying contained harmful chemicals or synthetic versions of “natural” ingredients. Buying skincare felt like a research project, so WE decided to put our skincare needs in our hands.

We researched the best natural ingredients that addressed a multitude of skincare issues. We brought and mixed ingredients until we finally agreed on the right mix of ingredients.

7 Abloom was founded by James and I in 2020 after several years of testing our signature, chemical-free SheaButter+ product on ourselves and our family members. We have now expanded our line of products to address a multitude of skincare issues. All of our products are safe to use.

Many people wonder what’s the significance behind the name 7 Abloom. Something that’s ‘abloom’ is flowering or blooming. The abloom part of 7Abloom is used figuratively to mean flourishing or healthy, as when your skin looks abloom with good health thanks to using our vegan products! Our skin, like flowers, is delicate and we should be only put on chemical-free products. 60% of what we put on our skin gets absorbed so we need to ensure we are feeding our skin the proper nutrients for long-term health and glow.

Thank you for entrusting us with your skincare needs!

Sincerely, Yinette

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