Color Street Nails: Your Guide to the Perfect, Affordable At-home Mani & Pedicure!

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If you are like me (e.g. I have a busy schedule, I don’t want to spend time (and $$$) going to the nail salon, and I want variety in style), then Color Street Nails is for you.

What are Color Street Nails?

Color Street is a company that offers dozens of different nail strips made of 100 percent nail polish. These strips are meant to fit your exact nail shape and mimic the appearance of a salon-quality manicure without the actual painting of nails. Just peel, stick, and file away the excess.

Each pack of Color Street contains sixteen strips so that you are able to find the best fit for your nails. The manicure set has two
sizes to choose from, manicure and petite. Petites are great for children and those with smaller hands. I order the petite size because my nail shape size is small, but most people will do just fine with the standard size. There is also a pedicure set for your feet.

How do I apply the nail strips?

Once I select the strip size that best fits each nail, I peel off the backing paper and smooth the strip onto my nail from the cuticle to the tip. Once I reach the tip, there will be an overhang. I then use the file that comes included in the kit to file off any excess. The whole process takes me about 10 minutes. The first time you will do it, it will take longer. Practice makes perfect.

What are my favorite things about this product?

Prior to using Color Street Nails, I used to bite my nails ALL the time. Using Color Street Nails has helped kick this habit to the curb and has helped grow my nails. I love that it is real nail polish, easy to put on, and it doesn’t require heat or other tools. I can make my own fun designs (great for holidays) and I can remove them with regular polish remover. In my case, the nail strips can last me 2-3 weeks!! And I forgot to add that I usually have leftover products that I can use for touching up a nail or two. It is an affordable product compared to nail salon services, where costs can really add up. Prices range from $11 – $14, depending on the style and size, however, there are always some deals.

I included an image to demonstrate how easy it is to apply the product. Check out the many Youtube and Instagram tutorials available on Color Street Nails.

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