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Customer Testimonials

  • 5
    I love the product! I received it yesterday and used it today. I love the natural ingredients and how smooth and hydrated it makes my sensitive skin feel.
    Eileen G.
  • 5
    I love the fact that I can read the ingredients that I am putting on my face. My skin is very thirsty and so far, 7 Abloom is giving my skin what it’s always craving.... moisture. I especially use it during the night time as a night cream. This works for me! Waking up feels so much better now
    Diana T.
  • 5
    A lovely, lightly scented, moisturizing butter made with simple, clean ingredients! And super fast shipping Well done, 7Abloom!
    Selena H.
  • 5
    After one week of using the Shea butter+ product, I absolutely love it. First, I love that it only contains 7 all natural ingredients. The scent is clean and fresh. I was worried about it being too much moisture for my oily zones, but it is not. My face is soft and glowing! I absolutely love this product, and I use it as a lip balm too. One all natural product with multiple uses, what more could a girl ask for?!You have a repeat customer here!
    Jenn A.
  • 5
    I use your moisturizer on my lips and my eyebrows. Oh and my cuticles! I love it. What I love is a pleasant scent. I have used natural, organic products in the part but the scent was not so great - to medicinal....your product is very appealing scent wise!!"
    Kathleen R.
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