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Our body butters are made with 7 all-natural ingredients. It leaves your skin feeling hydrated and smooth without irritating your skin. 

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Our lineup of products is here to protect your skin as the weather changes and, did we forget to say, make wonderful gifts! 

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  • Shea Butter Foot Cream
    Shea Butter+ Moisturizing Cream
    Product on sale
  • Escape Reality Bath Soap
    Escape Reality Bath Soap
  • Whipped Coconut Body Butter
    Whipped Coconut Body Butter
  • Set of 4 Cold Press Soaps
    Set of 4 Cold Press Soaps
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Pamper Guide!

If you want to know a way to pamper yourself a little and take the stress out of your body, today I will explain step by step how to perform a relaxing and soothing self-massage!  

Skincare Guide

Basic skincare plays a vital part in boosting our confidence and the way we face the world. Following regular skincare, patterns can help maintain balanced and young-looking skin. 

Butters vs Creams vs Lotions

Butters are usually made of carrier oils and butter that come from natural ingredients, such as palm, shea, cocoa, among others. 

The Secret to Healthy & Beautiful Skin?

Our face is the first thing people notice when they meet us and having healthy, and younger-looking skin is what everyone wishes for.

Top-rated products

  • Foot cream before and after
    Foot Butter
  • Bracelet Essential Oil Diffuser Set
    Bracelet Essential Oil Diffuser Set
  • Hemp Seed Oil Moisturizing Butter
    Hemp Seed Moisturizing Butter
  • Anxiety and Stress Reliever Essential Oil Rollers
    Bracelet Essential Oil Diffuser Gift Set

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