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How many times have you come home tired after a day of work or have you been running all day like spinning tops?

If you want to know a way to pamper yourself a little and take the stress out of your body, today I will explain step by step how to perform a relaxing and soothing self-massage!

And why not give us this gesture of affection for ourselves using our super 7 Abloom Shea butter? Our product has a perfect texture for a massage and will make your skin more nourished. In addition, with its essential oils you will have benefits on mood and relaxation.

Ready to give yourself some time just for you?

  1. First of all, you need to create the right environment in order to make the most of the benefits. Choose a comfortable and heated area of ​​the house; place a mat on the ground and cover it with towels; light some scented candles and play relaxing music in the background.
  2. Warm your hands by rubbing them together (having cold hands is not recommended for a relaxing massage) and pick up some product. When your hands do not slide well on the skin, it means that you need to take another bit of product.
  3. Feet. Wrap your feet with your hands and apply light pressure with your thumbs. Start with the arch of the foot which is the point where the most tension accumulates, massage it gently, and then move on to the heel and forefoot. Then take one toe at a time and pull it very gently, this gesture will help relieve the tension built up during the day.
  4. Legs. Dedicate yourself to one leg at a time. First, gently stroke the leg from the calf to the upper thigh area. Exert light pressure on the leg, stretching the skin evenly, always from the bottom up. These steps help you prepare for the next step, the “kneading” massage; starting from the calf and going up towards the thigh, massage as if you were kneading the bread. Now switch to the other leg.
  5. Belly. This massage helps relaxation and digestion, but should be done on an empty stomach and in a lying position. First, breathe deeply and apply gentle fingertip pressure under the rib cage on the right and then left to relax the diaphragm.

    Join your fingers and make wavy movements around the navel, from right to left then place your hands next to each other in the center of the abdomen and lightly touch going downwards.

    Then use the same “kneading” technique and massage the belly then overlap the hands, with the palm over the navel and make circular friction in a clockwise direction. This will promote digestion and toning of the internal organs.

  6. Arms and hands. With the opposite hand, rise from the wrist towards the shoulder with fluid movements in order to warm up the arm. Continue until the limb has warmed up. Continue with circular movements throughout the forearm and upper arm.

    Follow with a hand massage. With the thumb, make circular movements on the palm and the back, then grasp the base of one finger at a time and gently pull it upwards.

  7. Neck and shoulders. If you suffer from headaches, neck pain, or have a tendency to accumulate a lot of tension on your shoulders, this will be a real cure-all! Use your left hand to massage the right side and vice versa. Start with small circular movements of the fingers from the base of the skull towards the shoulders. If you feel tension, continue to massage gently clockwise and counterclockwise. End the massage with a pleasant self-hug, so that the shoulder blades will relax too.

Remember that it is important to take care of yourself and take a few moments of relaxation! Perform this massage once a week and you will find that it takes very little to let go of all the accumulated stress.

Try to pamper yourself with this massage using our fantastic 7 Abloom Shea butter, not only your mood will benefit, but your skin too!

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See you soon!

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