Color Street Nails: Your Guide to the Perfect, Affordable At-home Mani & Pedicure!

Color Street Nails

If you are like me (e.g. I have a busy schedule, I don’t want to spend time (and $$$) going to the nail salon, and I want variety in style), then Color Street Nails is for you. What are Color Street Nails? Color Street is a company that offers dozens of different nail strips made …

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What is the difference between Body Butters, Creams, and Lotions?

3 Differentiators Texture Water Content Elements We will look at these areas in more details. Texture Body butters moisturize and stay on longer. Butters are the thickest because they use a combination of carrier oils and essential butters. Creams are thinner than butters, while lotions are the lightest because they contain water-based ingredients. Water content …

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Hello everyone! Welcome to and thank you for stopping by! How many times have you come home tired after a day of work or have you been running all day like spinning tops? If you want to know a way to pamper yourself a little and take the stress out of your body, today …

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